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Party Llama


Kids Entertainer, New Jersey - Indoor Animal Show

  • One hour hands on interactive indoor animal show.
  • Geared towards children 4 to 100.
  • Children will sit in a half circle and a small stage will be set up.
  • Show must be done indoors
  • Puppets, props, & activities will entertain & amuse the guests.
  • Children will hold pet and learn while having fun with 16 small unique and very cute live animals.
  • All animals are shown as surprises, a list of animals will be given over the phone or by email if you would like to know ahead of time.
  • There are no snakes or tarantulas in the show.
  • At birthday celebrations the birthday child will be the guest of honor. He or she will sit in a special chair up front and will be a helper throughout the show.
  • The birthday child will receive a pretend cake to hold on his or her lap with a live animal topper, as guests sing “Happy Birthday!”
  • Grand finale- Mr Snuggles our umbrella cockatoo will ride his monster truck!
  • Great idea for schools, scouting events, summer camps, church groups, township events, and birthday parties! 

Kids Entertainer, New Jersey