Stoney The 
Party Llama


Pony Parties, New Jersey

A pony is the perfect 

addition for any occasion!

Coco our beautiful large brown pony.

  • Dressed to match your party theme.
  • Coco’s weight limit is 100 lbs

Spirit our handsome small grey pony

*     Dressed to match your party theme

*     Weight limit is 50lbs

Choose a theme for Coco!

  • Princess theme- Pony’s hooves polished in pink and purple with colorful highlighted mane and tail. The pony will wear a purple halter, purple blanket, fluffy pink and purple feather boas, pink heart painted on ponies backside & a princess birthday hat.
  • Rainbow theme – Pony’s hooves polished in many colors with colorful highlights on the mane and tail, purple halter, pink blanket, rainbow feather boas, red hearts painted on ponies backside, and multicolored party hat.
  • Unicorn theme- Pony will have a unicorn headpiece along with a colorfully painted mane hooves and tail and red painted heart on backside.
  • Birthday theme- Pony wears a yellow and red bandannas with polished red and blue hooves, red and blue hearts are painted on ponies backside.
  • Tie Dye theme- Pony will have hooves, tail, and mane painted in the primary colors.


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